Articles related to the holiday rental in Corsica, from Proto-Vecchio to Calvi.

Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is one of Corsicas most well known towns, located in the Southern East coast of the island, a short distance from Bonifacio and conveniently close to Figari airport (approximately…

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Pinarello, South Corsica
Views from a luxury villa located in Pianarello

Pinarello, South Corsica

Corsica is a wonderful family holiday destination for many reasons, notably for the never ending white sandy beaches, a natural environment and many sporting activities. Pinarello, South Corsica is located North…

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Corsica, Island of Beauty
Marina di Cavu

Corsica, Island of Beauty

As soon as you turn your back to the sea and venture inland, you discover a Corsica which offers a wide choice of activities in the heart of nature. Corsica…

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