How do we find our way to the property and how do we get in?
An agent from Alexandra Lloyd Properties will arrange either to meet you at the airport or wherever you choose to meet.

What time can we arrive at the property and what time do we have to leave?
Normally contracts begin at 12PM and finish at 12PM but if you have any special requirements, please feel free to ask.

How will the property be furnished and equipped?
Each property is different, all of this information will either be on the property form on the website and will be confirmed to you during correspondence while selecting your property. Also this is also mentioned in the contract.

Will the sheets and towels be similar to those we have at home?
It depends what you have at home! All linen is in good condition and of course clean.

What types of household and food items will be supplied?
There is no list of products that will be placed in each property and this also depends on what the owner decides to leave for the client. If you are getting in late and would like an agent from the company to get some groceries in for you, you just have to ask and this will be done for you.

What about major appliances like washing machines?
All properties have full appliances.

How much should we expect to pay for utilities?
Some utilities are included in the rent. Others are not. You will be told about this when you are choosing your property and during negotiations.

How much should we expect to pay for telephone service?
France Telecom bills will be supplied to you before you leave, showing your consumptions during your stay. Tariffs are available on request beforehand.

Can we make calls to the US if the phone is on restricted service?
Not all telephones are restricted; You have to inform your agent about this before you arrive and so this is unblocked for you.

Are there any limitations when the telephone is on unrestricted service?

What is the dialling procedure from the United States to France?

Can I use my computer or access email from the property?
Yes, if you ask for this service before you arrive.

Can special services such as extra cleaning, cooking and babysitting be arranged?
Yes, if you ask for this service before you arrive.

Can we rent bicycles during our stay?
Yes, if you ask for this service before you arrive.

How do we find out about weekly markets close to the property, good restaurants, nearby shops and services and the most interesting tourist attractions?
You have to ask the agent for a list of these services.

What do we do if there are problems at the property?
You call your agent as soon as any problems arrive. They will be there in the shortest possible delay and will work to get it sorted out in the shortest delay.

Does the property have to be spotless when we leave?
No, there are cleaners who will be in the property after you leave. This will be charged either you or to your clients. This will be confirmed to you during the negotiations and will be stated clearly on the contract.