La Fleur du Cap
La Fleur du Cap

Due to its beautiful rose facade and a unique position on the Cap Ferrat peninsula, the villa “La Fleur du Cap” is one of the most recognised properties on the French coast. The villa is still often referred to as the David Niven villa!

This pretty peninsula first attracted the son of a Sardinian arms supplier in the 1880s. Albert Bounin, based in Nice, snapped up parcels of land, building a modest villa and private port. The villa, named L’Isolatta becomes Bounin’s bolt hole, affording him privacy to ride and swim in peace. A small cabin at the very tip of the land links the main villa via a pathway.

The villa passed down a generation to Bounin’s son Paul. The younger Bounin added a floor to the property and renamed it Lo Scoglietto or Little Rock. Its expansive grounds made it attractive to film crews with L’Esclave de Phidias filmed in the 3,000 m² surroundings. 

French films weren’t the only ones filmed on location. A scene from the classic Pink Panther movie made the cut, one year before the death of its star David Niven. Niven had bought the property in the 1960s and kept it until his death more than 20 years later. You’ll find a tribute to the actor at the front of the villa on a small plaque.

La Fleur du Cap 

Superbly restored during recent years, the property is now named La Fleur du Cap and has increased in size from its original form.

Please note that this is an article written solely for the history of La Fleur du Cap. 

The villa is not available for rent and this is not a real estate listing.

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    British actors Charlie Chaplin (1954-1961) and David Niven (1962-1983) owned “La Fleur du Cap” !

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